Blankenese: Hamburg’s noble district with Elbe beach

Blankenese is Hamburg’s richest district and offers numerous highlights for residents and visitors of the city with the “Treppenviertel” (stairs quarter), the Elbe beach and the special architecture. It is located in the west of the Hanseatic city and has always been considered one of the best residential areas. Idyllic green areas, two Hamburg mountains and the locals make up the special appeal of Blankenese.

The highlights in Blankenese

Despite its location directly on the Elbe, Blankenese is not a flat part of Hamburg. Both the Süllberg and the Baursberg are located here. The popular Treppenviertel is grouped around the former with its narrow streets and countless steps, through which the old fishermen’s houses can be reached. Due to the steep stairways and alleys, there is no car traffic here. The Treppenviertel is one of the most popular sights in Hamburg. There is also a castle on the Süllberg, in which an award-winning star restaurant spoils guests with delicacies from modern cuisine. Also striking are the mostly white facades of the houses, which are clearly visible from the water on a boat tour and shine brightly in the sunshine.

The popular Falkensteiner Ufer with the Elbe beach and a small lighthouse also belongs to Blankenese. Especially in the warm season, citizens and visitors of the Hanseatic city gather here and enjoy the view of the Elbe, ships passing by and the holiday feeling on the beach. The inland island of Neßsand is also clearly visible from here. This island is under nature protection and is located in the middle of the Elbe. When the water level is low, the shipwreck from the 1950s called Uwe is a frequently photographed sight.

Always an experience: harbour cruise to Blankenese

With our fleet you go from the Hamburg Landungsbrücken on a two-hour cruise with the passenger ships past Blankenese and get a special view of the rich and impressive part of the city from the water. Of course you can also book our ships for special trips and thus present your guests with a completely new view of Blankenese.