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Harbour Cruise and
Elphi Tour

Spectacular atmosphere
around the new

Harbour Cruise and
Panik City

Experience it yourself on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn:
Udo Lindenberg’s life in 90 minutes

Harbour Cruise and
Sightseeing Tour

Do you want to experience the city and its highlights as relaxed and explained as possible? – No problem!

Harbour Cruise and

Do you want to see your idols up close and take photos with them? No problem!

Harbour Cruise and
Hard Rock Cafe

The world-famous Hard Rock Cafe has its location in Hamburg directly in the historic Landungsbrücken.

Harbour Cruise and
Maritime Museum

In the beginning was the sea. People stood on the shore –
ready to sail towards new horizons.

Harbour Cruise and
Hamburg Kiez Tour

Experience what is probably the most sinful mile in the world on an original Hamburg Reeperbahn tour!

Harbour Cruise and

Do you want to take a trip
around the world for your nose and enjoy spices with all your senses?

Harbour Cruise and
Scavenger Hunt Tour

Experience Hamburg’s sights
in an exciting and
interactive way.

Harbour Cruise and

Come with us on a journey through 80 years of automotive history

Harbour Cruise and

The floating
landmark in the
Hamburg harbour

Harbour Cruise and
Dialogue in the dark / silence

Dialogue Experiences for Inclusion and Diversity