No other festival raises expectations as high as a wedding. Anyone who gives the yes-word, wishes perfect ambience, satisfied guests and lasting memories. We can not conjure up magic with the Elbreederei Rainer Abicht – for an enchanting atmosphere already provide! Where the world meets, bonds are sealed for eternity.

Let yourself be trusted on board and join forces with your party for an exclusive cruise on our barges or passenger ships. Down the Elbe to Blankenese or through the historic Speicherstadt with its artistically illuminated bridges?

Whichever you choose: A view over the railing promises cosmopolitan as well as Hanseatic flair all year round.

So that your celebration does not fall into the water, we have made our fleet weatherproof and made ourselves adept planners: what is on the buffet? How is it decorated? Where is dancing? Whether with a package or individual offer – we prepare together with our partners the most beautiful day in your life as you imagine it

The number to furtune: 040/ 31 78 22-0.