MS Hanseatic

passenger ship

“Hummel, Hummel!” We don’t know exactly anymore whether the legendary people’s actress and local original Heidi Kabel was greeting in the typical Hamburg way, when she christened the MS Hanseatic in 1995. But it is certain that the ship then as now lets passengers delve into the fascinating atmosphere of the Hanseatic city with all its traditions and attractions.

This Hanseatic spirit can also be found on board again: a noble equipment made of mahogany and brass, as well as burgundy whitewashed upholstery provide comfort inside, even if there is a stiff breeze outside. If you also want to get a taste of that in between, you will be able to reach our large weather deck in just a few steps.

We roll out the red carpet for up to 230 people and arrange tables and chairs in the lounge as you please. On the Hanseatic, of course, you will find a kitchen, a bar, one dance floor, a stereo system including microphones, cloakrooms and sanitary facilities.

ship data:

construction year:
Deutsche Binnenwerften,

Frau Heidi Kabel, Schauspielerin
im Februar 1995

approved for:
500 Personen

length over everything:
48,87 m

broad about everything:
9,65 m

1,31 m

driver power:
2 x 290 KW