Nelly Abicht

luxury launch

Enough space: the fleet’s prototype of the sink protected launch is highlighted by its noble wooden floor.

Braving wind and weather, our biggest launch glides through the waves of the Elbe. You can easily spend many pleasant hours in the spacious interior with fine wooden floor. The tables and chairs with surrounding upholstered benches can be individually arranged and accommodate up to 60 people.

Great buffets can be conjured up on the large buffet area in the forecastle and the two drinking bars in the rear quench any thirst. The spacious patio can be reached through the large sliding door via a few steps. When the weather is fine, we open the glass sunroof and the retractable side windows. If the weather is not that hot, the central heating ensures pleasant warmth.

Our ship was designed and built according to the latest criteria of floodability safety.

ship data:

construction year:
Deutsche Binnenwerften

Jessica Abicht, Tochter
des Reeders,
im November 1993

approved for:
75 persons

length over everything:
19,99 m

broad about everything:
6,49 m

1,30 m

driver power:
200 KW