traditional launch

Jette Abicht

construction year:


approved for:

85 Personen

length over everything:

18,00 m

broad about everything:

3,96 m


1,10 m

construction site:

E. Hinrichsen Hamburg


drive power:

77 KW

Like in the old days, but meeting all the newest requirements: this is how you enjoy a harbour tour.

We cannot really tell how many cruises this launch did and how many persons it has transported over the years. With the “Jette Abicht” we keep a bit of the nostalgia of the Port of Hamburg. You can take the classic harbour tour on daily base with this ship or charter it individually. Up to 50 persons can be accommodated on the all-round and centre benches. In the spring of 2010, this launch was reconditioned according to the latest criteria of floodability safety.

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