luxury launch

Rainer Abicht

construction year:


approved for:

60 Personen

length over everything:

18,00 m

broad about everything:

4,90 m


1,21 m

construction site:

Behrens-Werft, Hamburg


drive power:

130 KW

„Be in the middle of the action“ is the motto of every launch cruise: the former cargo and cruise ships swipe with every swell. Due to the hydraulically movable wheel house and the ship’s extremely flat design you will float easily through the town’s canals and under bridges. In the meantime you will hear and feel the engines – and might get a splash of the Elbe.

No worries, built according to the latest standards of naval security the launches of the Abicht-family protect their up to 60 passengers with a coloured glass sunroof and retractable windows from wetness and other weather conditions. An air condition, a dehumidifier and an underfloor heating regulate the temperatures on board. Upon request our guests can enjoy the cruise open-air.

According to the model, you can sit on upholstered benches or at single tables and chairs and arrange them as needed. The beverage station or the bar can also be complemented by a buffet and there can be made space for a dance floor. A powerful stereo system including microphones as well as sanitary facilities complete the interior.


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