Rickmer Rickmers & Cap San Diego in the Port of Hamburg

As befits a proper harbour city, Hamburg has a lot more to offer than just water and the Elbe riverbank – it also boasts plenty of maritime attractions. These include the two ships Rickmer Rickmers and Cap San Diego. They are moored in the Port of Hamburg and, as museum ships, are a popular destination for visitors to the Hanseatic city.

The museum ship Rickmer Rickmers

The older of the two large museum ships in the Port of Hamburg is the 1896-built cargo sailing ship Rickmer Rickmers. It has a permanent berth in the harbour of Hamburg and is now used as a museum ship, maintained by its own foundation. Interested visitors can see a permanent exhibition on board, as well as temporary exhibitions of photos, paintings, and other display objects on various maritime topics. A visit is worthwhile more than once. You can also treat yourself to delicious food and drink on board, as the galley is still in operation. It is also interesting to take a look at the restored cabins and the historic command bridge. Due to its unique appearance, the 97-metre-long and 12.2-metre-wide ship is considered one of Hamburg’s landmarks. It is a popular photo opportunity and tourist destination.

The museum cargo ship Cap San Diego

The second large museum ship in the Port of Hamburg significantly younger: the Cap San Diego. The cargo ship was only built in 1961 and was in active service for around 25 years. In 1986, it sailed into the Port of Hamburg and became a museum ship. A walking tour takes museum visitors through the entire ship, passing the command bridge, the impressive engine room, and the wave tunnel. In addition, the former cargo hatches are now used for changing exhibitions, providing interesting insights into maritime topics. You can also enjoy Hanseatic specialities in the onboard bistro and reflect on your museum visit in peace.

Viewing the museum ships from the harbour

If you are interested in the history of maritime navigation, have always wanted to visit a ship from the inside, or simply want to visit a special museum in Hamburg, you could do so on the Cap San Diego and Rickmer Rickmers. By the way, a visit to the museums can be wonderfully combined with a cruise of the Port of Hamburg, as the passenger ships leave from close to the two museum ships. On such a cruise, you can see the imposing cargo ships from the water and then get to know them more closely during a visit.